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Counselling Services

Students with children face special challenges and require custom-tailored advice and counselling services. To help them achieve academic success, a number of University counselling offices are working together to create optimal conditions for students with children. The following offices and organisations provide advice and support in all matters related to balancing one’s academic and familial obligations.

Student Advice Counselling Centre (ZSB)

Schlossplatz 5
48149 Münster

Andrea Kronisch
+049 251 83-22357

Advice services:
Advice with selecting subjects of study, efficient study organisation, social conditions for students with children, examination provisions applicable to students with children, funding opportunities

Social Counselling Office

Steinfurterstraße 67
48149 Münster

Medina Oprea, Anna Koopmann, Barbara Tepe
Tel. +49 251 83 -79167 (Barbara Tepe, Anna Koopmann - 167)/168 - Medina Oprea)

Advice services:
Consultation and information on living arrangements with children, financial aid opportunities, childcare services, recreational activities, parental leave, maternity leave, semester on leave, study organisation, specific information for international students, information on other support services and respective contacts if desired

Equal Opportunity Office [en]

Georgskommende 26
48143 Münster
Tel: 0251-83 29709/08

Elisabeth Zimmermann
Tel. +049 251 83-29709

Advice services:
Represents the interests of students with children, referral to other oranisations and contacts on general issues pertaining to students with children at the WWU, financial aid opportunities an childcare possibilities

mitkind – Institute of Education and Study Matters (IfAS) of the Faculty of Medicine

Albert Schweizer Campus 1
48149 Münster

Svetlana Frank
Tel.: +049 251 83-58902

Advice services:
General advice for current and prospective student parents on raising children while studying at the Faculty of Medicine, pregnancy and medical degree programmes, parental leave, maternity leave, PC, block work placements, preliminary medical examination (Physikum), services and events for students with children