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Print & Pay

  • General

    Whether last lecture’s slides, handouts or posters needed for presentations or your final thesis – there is no way getting around printing in everyday life at university. However, buying your own printer or spending a lot of money for printing is unnecessary, because with Print & Pay we offer a low priced alternative to students and WWU-employees.

    The advantages of Print & Pay

    • low prices
    • various options regarding format and quality
    • convenient payment by direct debit

    Our Print & Pay flyer [de] provides the most important information at a glance.

  • Registration

    In order to benefit from the printing service's advantages, you need to register for Print & Pay online in our user portal Mein ZIV. If direct debit is not carried out via your own account, you also have to submit a signed registration form at the help desk (Einsteinstraße 60). In general, you can print immediately after signing up online. As soon as the entry form is processed, you will be able to use all features of the Print & Pay service and manage your printing account in Mein ZIV.

    Please note the terms and conditions [de].

  • Fees

    The price list is valid as off 2015-10-01 for the printers of Einsteinstraße 60. The fees of the computer lab printers may differ. Further information can be gathered from the respective IVVs.

    paper size
    printer fee per page
    A4 b/w (80 g)
    ZIVstandard, ZIVlab 0,04 €; 0,03 € starting from the 26. page of a single print job
    A4 b/w (100 g) ZIVstandard 0,05 €
    A4 colour (80 g)
    ZIVstandard, ZIVlab 0,06 €
    A4 colour (100 g)
    ZIVstandard 0,08 €
    A3 b/w (100 g)
    ZIVstandard 0,10 €
    A3 colour (100 g)
    ZIVstandard 0,16 €

    Colour pages will be billed seperatly. Double-sided prints cost twice the price. For technical reasons we always round up to an even sheet number when printing out double sidedly.

    Large scale printer

    paper size
    fee per A0-poster
    large size/poster ZIVposter (Roll 1) 5,00 €
    large size/high-gloss ZIVposter (Roll 2) 15,00 €

  • Printing possibilities

    Our low-priced and comfortable printing service Print & Pay is available at many WWU locations. As the external printers in the ZIV pools are in charge of the IVVs (and not of the ZIV), equipment and prices may vary. Therefore, please regard the according links or ask the attendant staff. If you want to print more than 100 pages, you should definitively use the advanced printing possibilities in the ZIV pools.

    instructions and printing possibiliies