Virtual desktop (terminal server)

The ZIV offers its users virtual work environments on the terminal server You can find a broad range of Windows software there (e.g. MS Office, LaTeX, SPSS and others). The server is accessible via the Remote Desktop Client worldwide. Respective clients are existing for Windows, MacOS X und Linux.

For the safe repository of your files, there is a personal network directory at your disposal as network drive U:. You can access this drive from other computers, too (personal network directory). 

You can save up to 4 GB of data on it. Do not save your documents on the local file system of the terminal server (desktop, drives C: and D:)! User profiles and all local data are erased 10 days after the last use


The common central network printers of the ZIV are installed and can be used.

Please pay regard to the updated directions when logging in to the terminal server.