A central element in promoting girls' interest in science and technology has been the regular implementation of "Girls Day" at the University of Münster since 2001. The days of action, in which the departments and the Institute of sport and exercise sciences traditionally participate with various offers, are organized and coordinated by the student advisor of the central equal opportunities officer.

UNIVERSITY DAY of the University of Münster

The University Day in Münster takes place in the middle of the school year, in autumn every year. A whole day is only be devoted to the question of whether a course of study is the right choice for the student, and if so, which subjects are suitable. Is it worth visiting the university day? It can be helpful to use the university day to get a taste of university air on site and to find out about certain courses in discussions with lecturers and students. All universities and the Institute of sport and exercise sciences invite the students to attend courses during the semester and to talk to teachers and students about the subjects.


Once a year,  after the "Eignungstest", the traditional soccer game of the student council (students) against the staff of the Institute of sport and exercise sciences takes place. The soccer game then leads to a cozy end and long conversations in the summer evening.