Scientific basics II Sportpsychology and Training PO 2018

Commissioner of modul: Prof. Bernd StraußDr. Barbara Halberschmidt, Profìn Claudia Voelcker-Rehage and Prof. Eric Eils

Description of learning goals and content  of module:  Modulhandbuch.

In module M3, a final module examination consisting of a combination of two lectures and two seminars (1, 2, 4, 5) is written in the form of a 120-minutes exam.


No. Course Typ of course Examination number SWS CP
1 Sport and exercise psychology lecture 13001 2 2
2 Neuromotor and training lecture 13002 2 2
3 Statistics lecture 13003 1 1
4 Sport and exercise psychology seminar 13004 2 3
5 Neuromotor and training seminar 13005 2 3
  Written Exam MAP 3 (1,2,4,5) Examination 13010 - -
  •  Lectures

     course overview HISLSF

    Course selection

    Course Veranstaltungsart Course selection
    Sport and exercise psychology Lecture central voting HISLSF
    Neuromotor and Training Lecture open
    Statistics Lecture open
    Sport and exercise psychology Seminar central voting process in Learnweb
    Neuromotor and training Seminar central voring process
  •  Assignments

    The assignments to be provided in the field of neuromotor and training will be announced on the first date of the seminar. In the seminars of sport and exercise psychology, a written exam and a small research project is specified as a course assignment. You can find the necessary CP in the module book.


    You can find all information  here

  • Examination

    IIn module M3, a final module examination consisting of a combination of two lectures and two seminars (1, 2, 4, 5) is written in the form of a 120-minute exam.



    Date of examination

    Content of Examination:

    There are 100% single-choice questions. Re: GymGes and BK Sport, the same number of points can be acquired in the part of training and in the part of sport psychology.

    NMT: VideoLearningPlattform - There is a course in Learnweb for the supplementary provision of teaching and learning materials for the dept. of neuromotor and training. The content of the videos and materials provided are also the basis for the M3 final module examination. It is recommended that you carry out the examples in the videos yourself using the files provided (e.g. Excel) in order to be prepared for the exam questions! You can watch the videos at any time. Name of the course: NMT_VLP; Password: NMT_VLP. The lack of texts in this course does not make it impossible to prepare, as all texts are available from the ULB itself! Additional information can be found here

    SpPs: The contents of MAP 3 relate to the topics of the lecture Sport Psychology and the basic literature published there as well as the contents of the accompanying seminars and the topics dealt with there. More information can be found here

  •  Special information

    Please note that there are different examination modalities for BA Primary school and HRG