Dr. Tarek Sabraa

Research assistant in Subproject B03 "Canonization and diversification in Islamic law and in Arabic rhetoric in comparison"

CRC 1385 "Law and Literature"
Domplatz 6
Room 211

  • Research areas

    • Islamic intellectual and social history with a focus on the Mamluk period
    • Islamic legal theory (Uṣūl al-Fiqh) and Koran interpretation (tafṣīr)
    • Rhetoric
    • Scientific, environmental and agricultural history
  • Vita

    since 01/2021: Postdoctoral Fellow in the research group "Agriculture and the Making of Sciences (1100–1700)", Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) in Berlin, Project: "Agriculture in the Mamluk Period before and after the Mongol Invasion"
    since 02/2020: Research Assistant at CRC 1385
    Jan. - March 2019: Research Assistant, Freigeist research group (VW-Stiftung) "The Dantean Anomaly (1309-1321): Rapid Climate Change in Late Medieval Europe with a Global Perspective", Leibniz Institute for the History and Culture of Eastern Europe, Leipzig
    2018-2019: Research Assistant, Project "The Mamlukisation of the Mamluk Sultanate - II: historiography, political order and historiography in fifteenth century Egypt and Syria (MMS-II)", Department of Languages and Cultures, University Ghent (Belgium)
    2013-2017: PhD scholarship at Annemarie Schimmel group "History and Society during the Mamluk Era (1250-1517)", Bonn University
    2013-2017: Doctoral studies in Sapienza, Rome (Italy), PhD im März 2017
    2014-2016: Student assistent of Prof. Dr. Bethany Walker, Bonn University
    2009-2013: Islamic University of Europe, Rotterdam (Netherlands): Master Islamic Studies
    2002-2008: Islamic University of Madinah (Saudi-Arabia): Bachelor Islamic History, Hadith and Quran Studies

  • Publications

    1. May 2021: "Ibn Qāḍī Shuhba (d.1377/1448): His life and historical work." In: Jo van Steenbergen (Ed.): New readings in Arabic Historiography from late medieval Egypt and Syria (SMS5 proceedings). Brill, Leiden.
    2. Forthcoming (Ed. with M. Eychenne): Ibn Šākir al-Kutubī: ʿUyūn al-tawārīḫ. Ta’rīḫ sanawāt 700-760 h./1301-1359. IFPO, Beirut. (3 vol.)
    3. 2017 (with Stuart Borsch): "Refugees of the Black Death: Quantifying rural migration for plague and other environmental disasters." Annales de démographie historique 134.2: 63-93.
    4. 2017 (Ed.): Aḥmad b. Aybak b. ʿAbd Allāh al-Ḥusāmī: At-Tarāǧim al-ǧalīla al-ǧaliyya wa-l-ašyāḫ al-ʿāliya al-ʿaliyya. Bonn University Press/V&R uni press, Bonn. (Mamluk Studies – Vol. 013, 2 vol.)
    5. 2016 (with Stuart Borsch): "Plague Mortality in Late Medieval Cairo: Quantifying the Plague Outbreaks 833/1430 and 864/1460 CE." Mamluk Studies Review XIX: 115-148.
    6. 2013: "Dawr ‘ulamā’ al–Maġrib bi’l–nahḍa al–‘ilmiyya fī Dimašq bi–nihāyat al–‘aṣr al– ‘utmānī: Anmūğ al–šaykh Ṭāhir al–Gazā’irī wa al–šaykh Badr al–Dīn Ḥusaynī." In: M.G. Sciortino (Ed.): Al-Magrib al-'arabī: the system of relationships within the Arab-islamic world: center and periphery. Aracne Publisher, Rome. 155-176.
    7. 2009: "Nazarāt bi-mudhakkirāt Muhammad Kurd 'Alī." In: Majallat al-usbū' al-adabī. Damascus.