Fenja Heisig

Junior researcher and doctoral candidate for the research group TP C03 "Literary Property between Law and Culture"

CRC 1385 "Law and Literature"
Neuer Graben 40
Room 41/121
49074 Osnabrück

  • Research areas

    • Francis Lieber

    • Literary Property and Authorship

    • US-American Literature and History, 19th Century

    • Trans-Atlantic Studies

    • German Influences in the US

    • History and Development of a US-American International Copyright, 19th Century

  • Vita

    • since 2022: Lecturer "Smith in Hamburg-Program", Smith College

    • since 2020: Research assistant at the CRC 1385

    • since 2020: Co-Editor of "COPAS–Current Objectives of Postgraduate American Studies"

    • 2019: Master of Education in English and History, Hamburg University

    • 2018-2019: Student assistant American Studies, Prof. Dr. Jan D. Kucharzweski

    • 2017: Bachelor of Arts in English and History, Hamburg University

    • 2015-2019: Student assistant in Global History, Prof. Dr. Claudia Schnurmann

  • Publications


    1. "Literature." In: German influences in America, Oxford Online Bibliographies 2023 (accepted in July 2022).
    2. "Travel writing and transnational relations: Francis Lieber as the stranger in America." In: COPAS: Current Objectives of Postgraduate American Studies 23/1 (2022): 24-40.


    1. Review of: Simone Knewitz: The Politics of Property: Contested Claims to Ownership in U.S. Cultural Discourse. In: Amerikastudien / American Studies 67/1 (2023) (accepted in November 2022).
  • Talks

    1. "Of 'Paper Bridges' and Social Immobility: Overcoming Distance in Francis Lieber’s Transatlantic Network." Conference Contested Mobilities in U.S. History, Akademie für Politische Bildung Tutzing, 06.05.2023.
    2. "Copyright, Cultural Production, and Objects of Ownership: Examining Legal, Cultural, and Literary Manifestations of Ownership in the Cultural Sphere." Workshop America and Ownership: Territory, Slavery, Jubilee, Rostock University, 02.06.2023.
    3. "'For Once a Ray of Light on the Horizon…' The Influence of Francis Lieber on US-Copyright Regulation." Conference No Trespassing? Property/Theory between the Disciplines, Osnabrück University, 23.07.2022.
    4. "'[F]ollow the Voice of Civilization…' Francis Lieber's Contribution to the International Copyright Debate in the US." Conference Unsettling Law, Emory Law School, 16.06.2022.
    5. "'[T]hat General Attention…Which Fairness, Justice, Expediency…Call For.' Francis Lieber's Public Exploration of Nineteenth-Century Copyright Controversies." Conference Political Education, Eberhard-Karls-University Tübingen, 10.06.2022.
    6. "A 'Stranger in America'? Francis Lieber and the Transnational Exploration of US-American 'Manners, Society and National Peculiarities.'" Conference Transnational Relations: Past, Present and Future, Stuttgart University, 02.12.2021.
    7. "Nineteenth-Century Book and Knowledge Exchanges: Francis Lieber and his Literary Network." Conference Moving Texts, WWU Münster, 27.07.2021.