Hanna Luise Kroll

Research assistant and Doctoral Candidate in Subproject C04 "Show Trials. Staging the Law as Social Practice" & Member of the Equal Opportunities Commission

CRC 1385 "Law and Literature"
Domplatz 6
Room 230
Phone: +49 251 83-28319

  • Research areas

    • Dramatic Theory
    • Political Theatre
    • Staging the Law
    • Contemporary Literature
  • Vita

    • since 2020: Research assistant at the CRC 1385
    • 2018-2019: DAAD-Language Assistant at Marmara University in Istanbul
    • 2017-2018: DAAD-Language Assistant at Bilkent University in Ankara
    • 2015-2019: Master of Arts in Comparative Studies and Intercultural German Studies, Georg-August-University Göttingen
    • 2011-2015: Bachelor in German Studies, Art History, and Musicology, TU Dresden (with stays abroad in Budapest and Eskişehir)
  • Publications


    1. Feminist Perspectives on Law and Literature. Berlin: de Gruyter 2023 (planned, with Laura Schmitz-Justen, Laura Wittmann and Laura Zander).


    1. "Inszenierung." In: Thomas Gutmann, Eberhard Ortland and Klaus Stierstorfer (eds.): Enzyklopädie Recht und Literatur Online, https://lawandliterature.eu/index.php/de/inhalt?view=article&id=28&catid=11 (with Stefan Arnold, Leon Fried and Kerstin Wilhelms).
    2. "Die Politik der Bühne." In: Stefan Arnold and Kerstin Wilhelms (eds.): Schau-Prozesse. Gericht und Theater als Bühnen des Politischen. Stuttgart: Metzler 2022. 47-64.
  • Talks

    1. "Staging Atrocity Prosecutions. Reenactments and Preenactments of Atrocity Trials in Theatre." Conference The Sights, Sounds, and Sensibilities of Atrocity Prosecutions, Exeter, 19.-20.10.2022 (with Kerstin Wilhelms). 
    2. "Stammheim im Theater." Conference Theater Stammheim. Verhandlungen der Roten Armee Fraktion in Recht, Literatur und Kunst, Münster, 01.07.2022 (with Kerstin Wilhelms).
    3. "Theatrale Gerichtsinszenierungen als Praxis der Praxis." Conference Bourdieu in der Germanistik, Oldenburg/Zoom, 25.-26.03. and 08.04.2021 (with Kerstin Wilhelms).
    4. "Die Politik der Bühne." Workshop Schau-Prozesse. Gericht und Theater als Bühnen des Politischen, Münster/Zoom, 21.-23.09.2020.