Teaching Prize

The Teaching Prize of the University of Münster is awarded in every odd-numbered year. Its purpose is to emphasise the particular importance of university teaching. It distinguishes instructors of the University of Münster who display above-average commitment and exemplary achievement in teaching. With the Teaching Prize, the University of Münster wishes to strengthen high-quality teaching as one of the University's central criteria.

The award comes with 30,000 euros in prize money which may be divided up between multiple winners. The prize money serves to continue improving instruction at the University of Münster.

The Teaching Prize is awarded to a member of the academic staff – also, on occasion, a representative of a team – for outstanding and innovative achievements in teaching, examinations, advising and supervising students, specifically for:

  • developing, implementing and carrying out curricula and curricular elements (modules, courses)
  • developing and successfully employing teaching and learning materials
  • developing and implementing innovative examination methods
  • developing and implementing innovative advising and supervising concepts
  • other measures which improve the quality of study and teaching

In addition to excellent didactics and teaching quality, a crucial criterion for receiving the prize is the extent to which the prizewinner's accomplishments in his/her own courses can provide impulses for the development of university teaching on the whole.

Download the current call for proposals of the Teaching Prize here. If you require further information, please contact  Dr. Jens Riehemann.