A warm welcome to the Department of Physics – Offers to high school students

The Department of Physics offers a variety of activities for high school students. All over the year the workshops and services of Münster’s Experimentation MExLab Physik are available. Once per year there is also the Girls'Day at the department, more information can be found here. Furthermore, you can participate in a Particle Physics Master Class. Curious about the details? Then click here.

Every other year – the past one was in 2018 – the Department of Physics offers a Fall Academy in Physics for high school students of the classes 11 to 13, organized by the working group “School Physics”. It consists of lectures, lab tours, experiments and it provides information on the study courses in physics. The announcement of the next Fall Academy will be given on this page in due time.
Every year in late summer the Astroseminar takes place, organized by young scientists from the Institute of Nuclear Physics, and is open to all interested persons. More information can be found here.

During the Orientation Week, the week before in the winter semester the lectures start, the new students can prepare themselves for their study programs and also meet fellow students. Information can be obtained from the physics student council (Fachschaft Physik).

Visits of Institutes and lectures

You are warmly invited to visit – together with your class or course – the institutes and labs of the department to learn about the research carried out in the physics department. Of course, on that occasion you can also participate in a lecture to get an impression of the study courses. Most suitable for this purpose are the lectures “Physics I” and “Physics II” or “Physics for Scientists”. If you have questions please contact Physikstudium@uni-muenster.de, we are happy to help you in organizing your visit.


This is the first real step to become a University student: the enrolment. For many years now, at the University of Münster this is done via an online portal. Details can be found on the page Enrolment. There you will find many more information on, e.g., required documents, semester fees and the regulations for different course programs, which will help you becoming familiar with the academic world.

Internship at the Department of Physics

Another opportunity to get to know one of the institutes is an internship. You can find more information here!

Course program

In contrast to school, where the time table is usually more or less fixed, in the course program at a university there is typically a choice between various courses. The Course Overview provides information on all lectures, exercises, seminars, lab courses and others which are offered in the various study programs. You can find this course overview on the study portal of the University.

Everyday life of a physics student

Beginning their studies at a university is accompanied by many changes for most freshmen. Even if they continue to participate in classes, these are quite different from school. Under Everyday life of a physics student you will find a short description of the different types of courses which you will experience during your first semesters.

Living in Münster

The transition from school to university marks the start of a new stage in the life of most students. Besides replacing school by university, also the relocation changes the everyday life. On the pages Housing and Living in Münster you will get a first glance at students’ life in Münster.