Schedule for the 6th semester

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Physics, double bachelor’s (2FB) with Physics

An example schedule for the “usual progress” in the sixth semester of the Bachelor of Science program in Physics is shown below. The entries for the tutorials/seminars are example entries, i. e. other times are also offered and can be viewed in the course overview or on the respective course websites.

Double bachelor’s (2FB) students in their 6th semester only have to take the lecture Physical Fundamentals of Signal Processing (with tutorials; for the B. Sc. program, this is part of the 4th semester) as part of the module Applications of Physics and, if not yet done, the seminar on Structure of Matter, see notes. Unfortunately, we don’t have schedules for all possible subject combinations in store ;-)

The course overview as well as the respective official versions of the exam regulations and the curriculum can be found here.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09–10 Laboratory Course II

Lab course [1], [2]
misc. lab rooms
10–12 Statistical Physics
Lecture [1]
HS 2
Statistical Physics
Lecture [1]
HS 2
14–16 Structure of Matter
Seminar [3]
misc. seminar rooms
Statistical Physics
Tutorial [1]
misc. seminar rooms
18–20 Student council meeting


  • [1] not for double bachelor’s (2FB)
  • [2] For the Laboratory Course II (“F-Praktikum”), only six experiments must be completed per semester, i. e. you do not have to do an experiment every Monday.
  • [3] The seminar within the module Structure of Matter can, if not already completed in the 5th semester, can also be done in the 6th semester (this is also the recommendation for double bachelor’s/2FB students). If the seminar is done in the 6th semester, the oral exam about the module’s contents must of course be done in the 6th semester as well. See also the note on the schedule for the 5th semester.

The reason why the schedule for the 6th semester looks so empty is that the bachelor’s thesis is planned for this semester. The best way to get information on bachelor’s and master’s theses is at our annual Bachelor–Master Day!