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Elections of Student Representations (and Student Parliament) 2022

Summer semester 2022
Election poster for the candidates for the Physics Student Representation (FSV)
© FS
Election poster for the candidates for the Physics Department Council (FSV)
© FS

Ballot from Monday, 2022-5-30 to Friday, 2021-6-3!
Online until 2022-6-1 11 a.m!

Dear students,
as you have certainly noticed, elections are taking place this week. Until Friday, you can vote in many places at the university, such as in front of lecture hall building of the chemistry department [de]. You can elect the Fachschaftsvertretungen (FSV; subject-specific Student Representations), the Fachbereichsrate (FBR; department council), the Senat (Senate) and the Studierendenparlament (StuPa; Student Parliament) as well as the representation of student assistants (SHK); foreign students can additionally elect the Ausländische Studierendenvertretung (ASV; Foreign Student Representation). See also the official information on the  ZWA’s (Central Election Committee) site [de] for the StuPa and the Electoral Office of the WWU for details.

On this page, you can see the candidates for the election of the Physics Student Represenation (FSV) and the Department Council (FBR). We would be happy about a high participation in the elections because this will strengthen our democratic legitimacy so that we can better support you!