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The Physics Student Council’s Teaching Prize: Laureate 2017

Prof. Dr. Alfons Khoukaz
Prof. Dr. Alfons Khoukaz (3rd f. l.) with Student Council members René Henke, Lukas Eschmann, Fernando Romahn and Michael te Vrugt (f. l.)
© Benedikt Bieringer

The Student Council’s award went to Prof. Dr. Alfons Khoukaz for his lecture series on nuclear and particle physics, which consists of an introductory lecture for the 5th semester and an advanced lecture for master students.

Since there are many great lecturers at the department, the decision was once again not easily made. The Teaching Prize committee had to weigh many criteria and has, for the first time, chosen a master lecture. Moreover, it was the first time a whole series of lectures was rewarded. The winner impressed the committee by his continously outstanding evaluation results and the nearly perfect ratings for this year's lecture “Nuclear and Particle Physics II”.

Prof. Dr. Alfons Khoukaz works at the Institute of Nuclear Physics and is a member of the research training group “Strong and Weak Interactions”. His group carries out research on meson production to improve our understanding of the strong interaction. It is part of various experiments, e. g. PANDA, BESIII and COSY.

On the background: The Teaching Price has been awarded for the fifth time already. As every year, the award relies on the results of the course evaluation at the department. The Student Council has set criteria which a good lecture must satisfy. Among these are the lecturer’s ability to evoke the students’ interest and to convey the subject matter in a manner that is as inspiring and understandable as possible. Thus, it is important that the lecturer is well-prepared and appropriately responds to questions.

The comparison of lectures according to these criteria is done by the Teaching Prize committee, which consists of three members: Lukas Eschmann, René Henke and Michael te Vrugt. However, only lectures with a minimum number of participants were considered in order to obtain a certain degree of comparability. With these criteria, almost all compulsory lectures and the introductory lectures for the specializations could be considered.

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