Dates for the game nights in WS 2017/2018

Board games, card games, pen-and-paper RPGs etc.
Poster for the monthly game night (winter semester 2017/2018)
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Good news: We’ve set the dates for the monthly game nights for the winter semester 2017/18! The next dates for game nights this semester are:

  • Thursday, 2017-10-05,
  • Thursday, 2017-11-02,
  • Thursday, 2017-12-07,
  • Thursday, 2017-01-04,
  • Thursday, 2017-01-11,
  • Thursday, 2017-02-01 and
  • Thursday, 2017-03-01

(so every first Thursday each month) always from 17:00.

If you’re in the mood for board games, card games, pen-and-paper RPGs etc., you can, as always, visit us for our game night starting from in room KP 104 (1st floor). There will be a selection of games to choose from, but you can of course bring your own favorites ;-)

We also plan to collectively order pizza so that the physical well-being is also taken care of. To stay up to date with us (for game nights and everything else), we’d recommend checking out our event calendar.

As always, we’ll be glad to see you there :-)

Note: The games store Spielkultur Münster (Facebook), Frauenstraße 40, kindly provides some games for our game nights. They also regularly organize game nights!