Corona / Current News

On this page (formerly our Corona page) we will keep you informed about current developments and innovations.

Impact of the Corona pandemic

Most of the information on special regulations of the examination organisation during the coronavirus pandemic has been deleted from this page, as they are no longer valid since 01.04.2023. I.e.: From SoSe 2023, all examinations will be subject to the examination conditions laid down in the regular examination regulations. Free trials, conditions for withdrawing from examinations and opportunities for improving grades will also be governed exclusively by the regular examination regulations for all examinations from SoSe 2023.

Digital processes

During the Corona pandemic, many of the Office's paper-based work processes were converted into digital processes. We would like to retain that in principle. In some cases, however, the examination regulations require written form.
Unfortunately, it is not possible for all processes to fully retain digital processes, because some processes require written form. This results from the examination regulations and data protection regulations. It concerns the following operations:
Only in exceptional cases will it be possible to send them via email. As a rule, you have to come to the Examination Office for an inspection.
Preliminary closing documents must be returned to you on paper. Please come to pick up at our office hours (or send someone with a power of attorney).
Please note that the production of documents on paper may require more processing time than a digital shipment. Therefore, plan accordingly more processing time for the application of documents.

Online exams in SoSe 2023

In study programmes with examination regulations that provide for electronic or online examinations, these forms may be further offered. The Rectorate has also created this possibility for all other courses of study for the SoSe 2023. The decision on the mode of each examination is made by the faculty councils of the faculties, unless it is already regulated in the examination regulations. Decisive for the decisions of the departments are didactic reasons for further testing of online exams.