• Curriculum vitae


    since 05/18 Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute
    Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries
     2017-18 Research Associate at the Chair for Terrestrial Ecology, Department of Ecology and Ecosystem Management, TU Munich
    05/2017 Habilitation and venia legendi for Landscape Ecology and Physical Geography, Faculty of Geosciences, University of Münster
    Thesis: Modelling invasion processes and impacts of non-native plant species at multiple scales


    Research Associate at the University of Münster, Institute of Landscape Ecology, Working Group Applied Landscape Ecology and Ecological Planning

    2007-2008 Postdoc at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Agriculture and Ecology, Botany section
    2002-2006 Research Assistant / PhD student at the University of Giessen, Working Group Landscape Ecology and Landscape Planning
    2001/5-12 Graduate Assistant at the University of Giessen, Work Group Landscape Ecology and Landscape Planning
    2001 Environmental Consultant / Surveys of protected habitats according to the EC Habitats Directive
    1995-2001 Diploma in Landscape Ecology at the University of Münster; Subsidiaries: Geology, Botany, Public Law


  • Teaching

    after separate annoucement


  • Research/ Fields of Interest

    Applied Landscape and Geoecology

    • Monitoring landscape change through remote sensing
    • Landscape modelling
    • Historical Landscape Ecology

    Regional Population Dynamics and Metapopulation Ecology

    • Modelling plant populations at the landscape scale

    Invasion Biology

    • Spread of invasive plants
    • Impacts of invasive species on biodiversity

    Landscape Planning
    Landscape connectivity / Habitat connectivity
    Nature Conservation
    Functional Plant Ecology

  • Memberships

  • Publications

    Peer- reviewed publications

    • Große-Stoltenberg, A., Hellmann C., Thiele, J., Werner, C., Oldeland, J.(2018) Early detection of GPP-related regime shifts after plant invasion by integrating imaging spectroscopy with airborne LiDAR. Remote Sensing of Environment 209: 780-792. doi: 10.1016/j.rse.2018.02.038
    • Große-Stoltenberg, A., Hellmann, C., Thiele, J., Oldeland, J. and Werner, C. (2018), Invasive acacias differ from native dune species in the hyperspectral/ biochemical trait space. Journal of Vegetation Science. doi: 10.1111/jvs.12608
    • Thiele J, Buchholz S, Schirmel J (2017) Using resistance distance from circuit theory to model dispersal through habitat corridors. Journal of Plant Ecology. doi: 10.1093/jpe/rtx004
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    • Große-Stoltenberg A, Hellmann C, Werner C, Oldeland J, Thiele J (2016) Evaluation of Continuous VNIR-SWIR Spectra versus Narrowband Hyperspectral Indices to Discriminate the Invasive Acacia longifolia within a Mediterranean Dune Ecosystem. Remote Sensing. 2016, 8(4): 334 doi:10.3390/rs8040334
    • Hellmann C.; Große-Stoltenberg A.; Thiele J.; Oldeland J.; Werner C. (2017): Heterogeneous environments shape invader impacts: integrating environmental, structural and functional effects by isoscapes and remote sensing. Scientific Reports 7: 4118. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-04480-4
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    • Rajmis S, Thiele J, Marggraf R (2016) A cost-benefit analysis of controlling giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) in Germany using a choice experiment approach. NeoBiota 31: 19–41. doi: 10.3897/neobiota.31.8103
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    Further publications

    • Holzmann C, Thiele J, Buttschardt TK (2014) Neophyten-Management am Beispiel des Riesen-Bärenklaus – Bedingungen erfolgreicher Bekämpfung von Heracleum mantegazzianum. Naturschutz und Landschaftsplanung 46(3): 079–085. (Autorenversion)
    • Thiele J, Otte A (2008) Herkules mit Achillesfersen? Zur Ausbreitung und Ökologie von Heracleum mantegazzianum auf der lokalen, landschaftlichen und regionalen Skalenebene. Naturschutz and Landschaftsplanung 40(9): 273-279. (Autorenversion)
    • Nielsen C, Ravn HP, Nentwig W, Wade M (Hrsg., 2005) Praxisleitfaden Riesenbärenklau – Richtlinien für das Management und die Kontrolle einer invasiven Pflanzenart in Europa. Forest & Landscape Denmark, Hoersholm (Mitautor des Kapitels ‘Preventive measures, early detection and eradication’), http://www.giant-alien.dk/manual.html.


    Diplomat thesis and PhD

    • Thiele J (2007) Patterns and processes of Heracleum mantegazzianum invasion into German cultural landscapes on the local, landscape and regional scale. Dissertation, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen, Link.
    • Thiele J (2001) Vegetation an Bruchsteinmauern im Osnabrücker und Tecklenburger Land. Diplomarbeit, Westfäliche Wilhelms-Universität Münster.