Lines of Research

of the Research Group Applied Landscape Ecology and Ecological Planning

In our Research Group Applied Landscape Ecology /Ecological Planning (RG Buttschardt) we investigate the impact of human resource uses on human-environmental systems and try to design solutions for a long-term and sustainable development of landscapes. Our work is based on an interdisciplinary approach. In order to take account of the applied aspect of ecological planning, we align our research in a transdisciplinary way and cooperate with centers of interdisciplinary research (such as the ZIN) and practioners (see links).

Our lines of research are:
> Integrated Nature Resource Management
> Limnology, River restoration, EU Water Framework Directive (Limnolab)
> Agroecology

In the area of > Remote Sensing and UAS we cooperate closely with the ILÖK Remote Sensing and Spatial Modelling Research Group.

Our research is organized in qualification theses (bachelor, master, PhD), own and third party funded projects.

Our research areas are currently located in Germany, Austria, Norway, Tanzania, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil and New Zealand.