Access to NWZ

Note: If you already had access to the NWZ and can now suddenly no longer log in, please look at the FAQs.

To use computers in the area of the IVV Natural Sciences, your central user identification must first be unlocked for the domain NWZ. You can see if that has already happened easily, if you log into a PC of the ComputerLab of the IVV Natural Sciences or our terminal server. If the login does not work, you have to let the access to the NWZ be unlocked. Normally you should be able arrange that directly after logging in here: 


Maybe you will have to change your password via the website above only once. If no such option is offered to you, you will have to request the access by filling in the following form and sending it to the ZIV:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to filling in the form and sending it to the ZIV, please check in any case, whether you already have access to our systems or whether you can activate them yourself (see above) in order to avoid unnecessary administrative effort.


As a student of the departments belonging to the IVV Natural Sciences, please enter under III. 3. the corresponding user group (p0stud for phsycis, q0stud for chemistry and r0stud for biology). If you are unsure to which of the groups you belong e.g. because you study more than one of these subjects, simply enter "NWZ" for the user group. You do not need to have the application approved on the reverse side.

As staff member you will get the name of the user group through your institute or working group. The application must be approved here on the reverse side by a project manager.