Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Why am I all of a sudden not able to log in to my computer or a PC at the ComputerLab? 

      It could have several different causes: 
    • Maybe there is just a  technical malfunction in the system.
      Try again later, have a look at the homepage of IVV and the WWU it and see whether a malfunction is mentioned there.
    • Did you forget to change your password for a year? 
      Change your password via the website MyNWZ.
    • Has your account expired? 
      This will be displayed to you when logging in under MyNWZ. You can also ask for a renewal request there.
    • Have you tried to log in too many times using the wrong password?
      The security system has been triggered. Even the correct password will not be accpeted at first. Please wait at least half an hour before trying again. Via MyNWZ you can check, whether you know your correct password again.

      Attention: Even when trying to link shares of the servers, too many wrong attempts will lead to a temporary ban.

  • How can I restore data that has accidentally been deleted or overwritten?

    If you have stored data on your personal drive (I:) or a group drive, backups will have been generated automatically. Follow these instructions immediately in order to safe your data.

  • Can I use software and my data in the NWZ from home?

    Yes, via our service NWZ@home.

  • How can I change my password?

    You will find advice for changing your password here.

  • If I log into a Windows-PC in the NWZ, problems appear that other users don't have. Can I reset my Windows-Profile with my Windows settings? 
    Yes, you will find guides here. Unfortunately, these are somewhat complicated.