Information for IT Administrators

You can find the forms for requesting administrative accesses and other tips here.

Further on, you will find instructions and information about seminars for IT administrators there.

General Information

For the use and operation of IT systems the regulations of the university of Münster and its facilities that use these systems apply, in addition to the statutory provisions. This applies in particular for the Usage regulations of the WWU IT and IV supply units and their additions as well as operating regulations.
The proper installation, operation and functional monitoring of the IT systems is therefore of special importance in the IV system of the University of Münster. The various tasks of IT administration are carried out by the IT administrator, whose rights and duties are regulated in the regulations for IT administrators at the University of Münster dated 29th April 2009 (in the following referred to as "The regulations").

An IT administrator is in accordance with the regulations every person that has administrative rights on a networked device. This is independet of having set up a special access or not. Every IT administrator is to be ordered according to the regulations and has to be made known to the WWU IT.

Further Information

News – Information for Operating

You should visit these websites regularly, in particular if something is not working as it is supposed to. Maybe the issue is already worked on.



Workgroups and Mailing Lists

There are several workgroups and mailing lists for IT administrators.


The "PC-Management-Group" is used for discussing topics about the areas of system installation, software installation, network, etc. A mailing list has been introduced, that serves as transmitter for invitatons for the monthly meetings and other events, as well as current news about operation.

Topics at the meetings of the "PC-Management-Group" are for example system installation, software installation, networks, etc.
More about the PC-Management-Group


The Linux-Group is inted for everyone in the IVV Nature Sciences that work with Linux. For this group there also exists a mailing list, that also serves as transmitter for invitations for irregular meetings and other events, as well as current news about operation.
More about the Linux-Group