The IVV offers a series of courses on the use of computer-aided methods in the Natural Sciences.


Introduction to eScience at NWZ

This lecture provides an overview of the IT infrastructure at WWU with a focus on the use in Natural Sciences. Available tools and technologies like High-Performance-Computing (HPC), Data Science, Sciebo, WWU-Cloud, Jupythernotebook, git, Morfeus, etc. are explained and presented. Besides a Linux crash course and a short introduction to Research Software Engineering (concerning the use of integrated development environments, software libraries, version control systems, testing strategies etc.) also the topic of research data management is covered.

Introduction in the Administration of PCs in the IVV Natural Sciences"

The participation in an administrator course is compulsory for new IT-Administrators. The IVV Natural Sciences therefore offers a lecture and a practical course.

In view of the manifold challenges regarding security and confidentiality of data and the operational security of the computer network, the course will focus on the possibilities and requirements in and for the Active Directory "NWZ".

Practical Courses.

Internship on PC administration in the IVV Natural Sciences

In view of the various challenges regarding the security and confidentiality of data and the operational security of the entire computer network, this practical course supplements the lectures "Introduction in the Administration of PCs" with practical components. In particular, the university services and their use in conjunction with the "NWZ" Active Directory will be discussed.


There is also a weekly colloquium, in which IVV trainees and employees, volunteers from the institutes and guests present aspects of their work.

Self-study courses

Self-study courses guide the student in a structured manner through a number of external video, audio, text and software resources, so that she or he will be able to self-study the topic of interest. For most courses also some Zoom lectures are offered, please follow the links for details.

Data Science/Machine learning

Lecture via Zoom "Naturwissenschaftliche und philosophische Aspekte künstlicher Intelligenz": Fridays, 10 to 11:30 AM (s.t.), starting 12.04.24

Research Software Enginnerung (RSEng)

Research Data Managment (RDM)

Linux Administration

Older courses (not updated anymore):

Introduction to Multiphysics with COMSOL -- Zoom lecture available upon request

Bioinformatics/Statistics with R -- Zoom lecture available upon request