New Young Research Fellow: Leonhard Kehrberger

The Cluster welcomes Leonhard Kehrberger as one of its new Young Research Fellows. During his stay in Münster from 1 December 2021 to 1 April 2022, he will be joining Prof Gustav Holzegel’s research group. Leonhard is a 4th year PhD researcher at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof Mihalis Dafermos. His research is concerned with the study of partial differential equations in general relativity.

Leonhard's recently posted papers ("The Case Against Smooth Null Infinity I-III") have made important contributions to our understanding of the notion of an isolated system in general relativity by combining heuristic, post-Newtonian arguments with rigorous, mathematical statements that relate the asymptotic behaviour of gravitational radiation near the infinite past to the decay rates of gravitational radiation towards and along null infinity, the latter being in principle measurable by gravitational wave detectors. 

His work has direct connections to many developments in the field including proving sharp asymptotic decay rates for non-linear equations, the analysis of the Teukolsky equations and scattering theory for the Einstein equations. According to Gustav Holzegel, "Leonhard’s visit is a great opportunity for our group in Münster to learn more about these exciting developments."

Leonhard is also looking forward to his stay in Münster: "It is a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know the vibrant maths department of Münster, and I am looking forward to many fruitful discussions with the other researchers here. But of course, I am equally excited about getting to know the city itself!"

Mathematics Münster's programme for "Young Research Fellows"