New Münster Research Fellow: Nadia Larsen

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We welcome Prof. Nadia Larsen (University of Oslo) as a Münster Research Fellow. She is a highly renowned expert in operator algebras, in particular in semigroup C*-algebras and their equilibrium states. During her stay in Münster from 2 September to 24 November 2021, she will collaborate with several researchers at Mathematics Münster. “I am looking forward to interact with the vibrant group in operator algebras here, and to develop interesting project ideas for future research,” she says.

Nadia Larsen has broad interests, having also worked on problems originating in signal processing (wavelet theory) and in number theory. Her current research interests include questions about C*-algebras associated to semigroups, equilibrium states, higher rank graphs, and Hecke algebras.

She is currently deputy head of Department of Mathematics at the University of Oslo, a board member of the Norwegian Mathematical Society, and member of the editorial board of the London Mathematical Society (LMS) for their publications Bulletin and Journal.


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