Mathematics in Epidemiology

Keynote lecture by Prof. Dr. Angela Stevens at DMV-ÖMG Annual Conference 2021
Angela Stevens
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The joint Annual Conference of the German Mathematical Society DMV and the Austrian Mathematical Society ÖMG will take place from 27 September to 1 October 2021 in a virtual format. One of the keynote lectures will be given by Prof. Dr. Angela Stevens from Mathematics Münster on Wednesday, 29 September, 9 am. She will talk about the important tools that mathematics has developed since more than 100 years for the understanding of epidemics. Phenomena like epidemic waves will be discussed as well as actual data.

Abstract: New infectious diseases emerge regularly, parasites mutate, and often become infectious again for the previously immunized host population. History provides many unfortunate examples. Abel and Riemann died from tuberculosis, Jacobi from smallpox, Kowalewskaja, Kummer and Weierstrass from influenza, and Boole and Descartes died from pneumonia. Fermat fortunately survived the last great outbreak of plague in Toulouse.

Mathematics itself has successfully played a longstanding and important role in understanding the dynamics of epidemics. Due to the structural similarities of infection processes an abstract approach is natural. This has been realized and exploited a long time ago.

In this talk some of the mathematical tools available for epidemiology are summarized and phenomena like epidemic waves and inter-epidemic periods, heterogeneous populations with variable infectivity, as well as vaccination schemes with subcritical bifurcations are discussed.

Finally, we have a look at some actual data.

Other keynote speakers are:
Julian Fischer, Wien, Awardee of the ÖMG
Nina Gantert, München
Martin Grötschel, Berlin, Laureate of the Cantor Medal
Christian Hesse, Stuttgart, Public Lecture
Stefan Kebekus, Freiburg
Anke Pohl, Bremen
Joscha Prochno, Graz, Awardee of the ÖMG
Karin Schnass, Innsbruck, Awardee of the ÖMG
Anita Schöbel, Kaiserslautern
Gabriele Steidl, Berlin, Emmy Noether Lecture


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Prof. Dr. Angela Stevens

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