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Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science celebrated master's and doctoral graduates
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This week, 79 master’s graduates and 13 candidates who completed their doctorates in winter semester 2019/20 received their degree certificates and congratulations. Seven of them wrote their theses in the field of mathematics. We congratulate and wish them all the best for the next steps!

Eva-Maria Brinkmann: Novel Aspects of Total Variation-Type Regularization in Imaging
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Martin Burger, University of Erlangen, Department of Mathematics

Carolin Maria Dirks: Numerical methods for transportation networks
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Benedikt Wirth, Institute for Analysis and Numerics

Marius Kley: Etale (φ,г)-Modules with Values in Linear Algebraic Groups
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Peter Schneider, Mathematical Institute

André-Harald Schemaitat: The jiang-su algebra is strongly self-absorbing revisited
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Winter, Mathematical Institute

Liesel Sommer: An unfitted discontinuous Galerkin scheme for a phase-field approximation of pressurized fractures
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christian Engwer, Institute for Analysis and Numerics

Sven Upgang: On the storage capacity of generalized Hopfield models
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Matthias Löwe, Institute for Mathematical Stochastics

Matthias Simon Weirich: The trianguline variety at semi-stable points
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Eugen Hellmann Mathematical Institut

Another MM member, postdoc Omar Mohsen, contributed to the event’s festive character by playing Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven on the piano.

Full presentation of the doctoral and master's ceremony