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Ready for the next step

Several PhD students completed their dissertation in mathematics this semester. Congratulations and all the best for the next steps! Normally, the degree certificates are awarded at the end of July at a departmental ceremony. Unfortunately, this had to be cancelled due to Corona.

Federico Calderón: Counting singular points of algebraic varieties over finite fields
Supervisor: Christopher Deninger, Mathematical Institute

Christopher Eick: Branching within branching in random environment
Supervisor: Gerold Alsmeyer, Institute for Mathematical Stochastics

Fjedor Gaede: Variational Graph Methods in Imaging and 3D Data
Supervisor: Martin Burger, University of Erlangen, Department of Mathematics

Philipp Godland: Markov renewal theory in the analysis of random strings and iterated function systems
Supervisor: Gerold Alsmeyer, Institute for Mathematical Stochastics

Alexander Hock: Matrix Field Theory
Supervisor: Raimar Wulkenhaar, Mathematical Institute

Nils Leder: Automorphism groups of graph products and Serre's property FA
Supervisor: Linus Kramer, Mathematical Institute

Martin Maiwald: Quasi-process for branching Markov chains
Supervisor: Steffen Dereich, Institute for Mathematical Stochastics

Raphael Reinauer: Real and complex connective K-homology of finite abelian 2-groups
Supervisor: Michael Joachim, Mathematical Institute

Alexander Volker Schroer: Reaction-cross-diffusion equations derived as limit dynamics of moderately interacting stochastic many-particle systems
Supervisor: Angela Stevens, Institute for Analysis and Numerics

Pierre Touchard: On Transfer Principles in Henselian Valued Fields
Supervisor: Martin Hils, Institute for Mathematical Logic and Foundational Research