Michael Rapoport
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Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry

A conference on the occasion of Michael Rapoport's 75th birthday

2 - 6 October 2023, Münster, Germany

The geometry of moduli spaces related to the Langlands programme is a rapidly evolving field. We bring together both experts and young researchers to foster these developments.


Miaofen Chen (Shanghai)
Matt Emerton (Chicago)
Laurent Fargues (Paris)
Tony Feng (Berkeley)
Ulrich Görtz (Duisburg-Essen)
David Hansen (Singapur)
Ben Howard (Boston College)
Mark Kisin (Harvard)
Brandon Levin (Arizona)
Chao Li (Columbia)
João Lourenço (Münster)
Ariane Mézard (Paris)
Wiesława Nizioł (Paris)
Vincent Pilloni (Paris)
Peter Scholze (Bonn)
Marie-France Vignéras (Paris)
Yujie Xu (MIT)
Cong Xue (Paris)
Wei Zhang (MIT)
Zhiyu Zhang (MIT)
Rong Zhou (Cambridge)





Eugen Hellmann (Münster)
Andreas Mihatsch (Bonn)
Timo Richarz (Darmstadt)
Eva Viehmann (Münster)




If you would like to take part in the conference please register here

Support and child care

Child care is available free of charge for all participants of the conference.

Venue and Travel Information

The conference takes place in room M2 in the lecture hall located at

Einsteinstr. 64
48149 Münster

Directions can be found on openstreetmap or on the Campus map of the University of Münster.

Accommodation: Room allotments have been reserved for conference guests at various hotels in Münster. Further information will follow after registration.

Detailed travel information can be found on the MM websites.

Download: Information for conference guests / Informationsblatt für Tagungsteilnehmer*innen [de|en]


You are welcome to download the poster and display it at your institution.


The conference is supported by the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster, the ERC Consolidator Grant NewtonStrat - Newton strata - geometry and representations ( - ) and the CRC 1442 Geometry: Deformations and Rigidity.