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Opportunities in Germany for mathematicians from Ukraine

The German Mathematical Society (DMV) aims to support mathematicians from Ukraine at all stages in their career who might consider a visiting position, scholarship or other forms of scientific long-term stays in Germany. In cooperation with Mathematics Münster, applications from mathematicians from Ukraine and offers from German mathematical institutions will be coordinated via this website.

Mathematicians from Ukraine on all career levels are invited to send requests to math-for-ukraine@uni-muenster.de

Please forward the link this website https://go.wwu.de/math-for-ukraine to those who may be interested!

Studying in Germany

The offers on this website are mainly directed at mathematical researchers. If you are a student, take a look at the website of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). It provides an overview of German universities which offer English Bachelor or Master programmes in mathematics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ukrainian affiliation required?
In principle yes, but mathematicians from Ukraine who are presently at another university and may have to return to Ukraine soon are also eligible.

Is Ukrainian citizenship required?

How can I find a place to live?
Upon arrival in Germany you will be referred to the nearest state-run initial reception centre, where you will be given a temporary place to sleep if necessary (see https://www.germany4ukraine.de/hilfeportal-en/where-to-stay ).
If you want to stay with private persons in Germany, take a look at the website https://unterkunft-ukraine.de/.
Also AirBnB offers accommodation for refugees from Ukraine.

Where do I find assistance concerning German bureaucracy?
The website https://www.germany4ukraine.de provides information about the registration process, medical care, labour and social affairs.

What if I am a male under 60 and am unable to leave the country?
Please register anyway, and hopefully the situation will change. In any case, we may try and lobby this issue in the future.

Where to send questions not answered above?

Alternative opportunities

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Database with several help offers for scientists (not only mathematicians)

Offers of assistance for Ukrainian students and scientists, list of the German Academic Exchange Service

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation: Information and measures

Leopoldina Ukraine Distinguished Fellowship

University of Münster: Information and links to advisory services