Research group "Urban and Regional Innovation and Internet"

  • Focus

    The Research Group Urban and Regional Innovation and Internet focuses on democratic, social, electronic, administrative, fiscal, and local policy innovation. It cooperates with the Centre of Excellence for “Sustainable Local Government Finances” (NKFP) and the Research Group of Civil Society at the Institute of Political Science at Münster University.
    Substantive issues include the role of local authorities in a multi-level system; the analyses of political bodies (political elites, marginalized groups, etc.); deliberative and dialogic instruments; and the use of new information and communication technologies in an urban context as well as questions about local government finance and administrative reforms.
    The Research Group Urban and Regional Innovation is institutionally closely linked to:

    • International Political Science Association-IPSA Research Committee 6: Comparative Studies on Local Government and Politics
    • IPSA Research Committee 10: Electronic Democracy
    • the working group for Democratic Innovation of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)  sub group for Direct and Deliberative Democracy (DDD)
    • German Political Science Association (DVPW) section for Local politics (LOPOFO).

    The research group organized various NKFP conferences, EUROLOC Summer School 2012 and LOPOFO conference “Urban visions” (June 2013) etc..