Media Technology

Service: The lecture rooms and numerous seminar rooms at Münster University are already equipped with the basic media technology. If you require additional equipment (e.g. hand microphones), you must book this in advance. In our booking tool, you can view the technical equipment of the centrally managed rooms of Münster University and book additional equipment if needed.

If required, you can also rent beamers, screens, microphones, speakers and mobile phones independently of the room. In advance, however, you should clarify whether you can actually use the respective devices in the intended place (e.g. with regard to required connections).

Target Group: employees, external organizers

Usage Costs:
- employees: free of charge
- external organizers: costs may occur

- General: Media and Phone Service
- In Case of Malfunctions: KM Contact Form

  • Media Technology Booking

    Please book the equipment at least 14 days before the start of the event.

  • Media Technology Rental

    Book the desired device via the rental form. Have the authorization form [de] signed and stamped by your institute supervisor. On presentation of the form and a valid ID card, you can pick up the desired device at the WWU IT (Röntgenstraße 7) between 8:00 and 13:00 on weekdays.

  • Equipping Rooms with New Media Technology

    If you need new media technology in your rooms, please contact avm@uni-muenster.de. You will find information on the offers and standards in our overview of Media Technology Standards [de].