High Performance Computing

Service: Scientific high-performance computing enables you to solve highly complex problems numerically for which normal computers are no longer sufficient. The PALMA II supercomputer is available for your research. More information is available in the Universität of Münster Confluence.

Target Group: employees and students who are a member of a work group

Usage Costs: free of charge

Contact: hpc@uni-muenster.de


    PALMA II ("Parallel Linux System for Münster Users") is a computer cluster with more than 18,000 processor cores, whose interaction enables the solution of highly complex tasks from science and research. In test operation, the Linpack benchmark was able to determine a total performance of 800 TFlops, making PALMA II one of the Top500 most powerful computer systems in the world in 2018.

    Technical Data:

    • over 18,000 processor cores
    • computing power of over 800 TFlops
    • 80 TB main memory
    • 800 TB of hard disk space
  • Quick Reference Card to Get Started with PALMA

    Quick Reference Card to Get Started with PALMA (PDF)