Terms of Use for the "UniGPT" Service

1. User Group

The service is open to students, staff, and researchers with a user account at the University of Münster

Login to the system is via the University of Münster's authorization infrastructure.

2. Permissible Use

The service may only be used for purposes directly related to work, study, teaching, or research at the University of Münster.

Users are prohibited from intentionally generating or distributing racist, incendiary, fraudulent, or pornographic content, and content that promotes, glorifies, or threatens violence, in accordance with § 4 clause 2j of the IT usage policy of the University of Münster.

In the case of misuse, the account can be administratively blocked or disabled. The regulations from section 7 apply accordingly.

3. Use of Local Models

The service operates in the Uni Cloud and data (chats) submitted by users are stored there. When using local models, the data remains within the University of Münster. Users may transmit information classified as "internal" (V2) based on the current valid information classification guideline. Information classified as confidential (V3) or strictly confidential (V4) must not be processed by users.

4. Use of External Models

When using externally hosted models, data processing is carried out by external providers. Only information classified as "public" (V1) may be transmitted, based on the current valid information classification guideline. This includes all information that can also be published unrestrictedly elsewhere. Additionally, the terms of use of the respective external providers apply:

OpenAI Terms of Use: openai.com/policies/eu-terms-of-use

5. Availability Restrictions

There is no entitlement to the availability and error-free operation of the system. Usability may particularly be limited due to maintenance work.

6. Accuracy of Generated Content

The University of Münster assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information and results generated with the help of UniGPT. Due to the probabilistic nature of the models used, the output may not always be correct. Users of the service should not rely solely on this output, should therefore carefully verify its correctness, and must not use it for decisions that have legal or significant effects on individuals.

7. Liability

Users are liable for all disadvantages incurred by the University of Münster due to abusive or illegal use of the software or due to their negligent non-compliance with their obligations under these terms of use.

Users indemnify the University of Münster from all claims if third parties assert claims for damages, cessation, or other claims against the University of Münster due to unlawful or abusive behavior.

Claims for damages by the user are excluded, unless the damages are due to gross negligence or intentional misconduct by the University of Münster or its employees, as well as the legal representatives and vicarious agents of CIT.

Liability for personal injury is governed by the statutory provisions.