SOPHOS Antivirus (Home)

Software: Sophos Antivirus (Home) and Sophos Endpoint Security Control protect your PC from viruses and unwanted programs. The software is only suitable for private use, official systems are supplied by the corresponding IVV. In principle, virus protection is mandatory in the university network.

NOTE: Sophos Antivirus Home is only available for Windows and Mac OS, please follow the installation instructions!

Target Group: students, employees

Usage Costs: free of charge

Contact: Hotline

  • Installation Manuals (Windows & Mac OS)

    Sophos Antivirus Home for Windows & Mac OS
    Mac OS

  • Installation manual for Linux (ClamAV)

    First of all, I would like to give you a few general tips to bear in mind:

    •     It is recommended that you regularly check your home folder manually.
    •     If you are unsure about downloaded files, it is better to play it safe and check the file.

    Further information:

        Arch-Linux-Wiki (the instructions are also very detailed regardless of the distribution)
        Official documentation of ClamAV
        Ubunuusers-Wiki (German language)

    If you have any questions, please contact the IT user support.

    2. Installation of the antivirus software

    Installing the antivirus programme:

    We recommend installing the programme together with a graphical user interface. To do this, please install the clamtk package. You can either install this yourself via the software administration or use one of the command line commands listed here, depending on your distribution:

    Ubuntu/Debian and their derivatives: sudo apt-get install clamtk
    Fedora/RHEL and their derivatives:  sudo dnf install clamtk
    Arch/Manjaro and their derivatives: sudo pacman -Syu clamtk

    (Please only execute the command that matches your operating system. The other commands will not work).

    2. Update of the Virus-Database

    Once the installation is complete, we update the virus files manually:
    sudo systemctl start clamav-daemon.service && sudo systemctl enable clamav-daemon.service

    3. start/add service for background monitoring

    Now start the background programme that continuously checks your PC for threats:
    sudo systemctl start clamav-freshclam.service && sudo systemctl enable clamav-freshclam.service  

    4. background update

    Now we add the service for updating the virus database to the system (which you initially did manually in step 2) so that this database is updated regularly for your security and start it:
    sudo systemctl start clamav-freshclam.service && sudo systemctl enable clamav-freshclam.service  

    5. start the ClamTK programm

    Please start the ClamTK programm now.

    5. start the ClamTK programm
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    6. Final change of the settings

    Please adjust the settings so that the ticks shown in the screenshot have been set.
    In particular:

    • "Check for potentially unwanted programms" - programms that have been hidden and installed by other programmes
    • Scan files with a leading dot (.*) - also checks files that are otherwise displayed as hidden by the system
    • Search folders recursively - also checks subfolders of folders
    • Check for updates for this programm
    Now you can use ClamTK or ClamAV.

    6. Final change of the settings
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    7. Note regarding scanning

    When starting the scanning or during the process, this notification can pop up. This is not an issue, you just have to wait a few seconds.

    7. Note regarding scanning
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