Adobe Products

Software: Adobe Creative Cloud can be rented by WWU institutions as a complete package. It is not possible to rent individual partial products. Adobe CC is offered as a Named User License and as a Shared Device License. The package includes:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • XD
  • Lightroom
  • Animate
  • Dreamweaver
  • Premiere Pro
  • Premiere Rush
  • After Effects
  • Dimension
  • Audition
  • InCopy
  • Lightroom Classic
  • Media Encoder
  • Character Animator
  • Prelude
  • Fuse
  • Bridge

(Note: All previous buyers will receive separate information about the delivery/installation.)

Target Group: departments & facilities of Münster University

Usage Costs: 258,33 € annual price gross (217,08€ net), license year runs from 23.11. - 22.11. next year

Rental period: is binding until 22.11.2025, prior cancellation is not possible

Contact: Joachim Heinze

  • Types of Licences

    With Adobe CC, there are two different types of license:

    • Named User: With Named User Licenses (NUL), a person is assigned a license that he or she can use.
    • Shared Device: With Shared Device Licenses (SDL) a license is assigned to a defined computer. There, everyone with an Adobe ID (incl. Azure-IDs (only with purchased Adobe-NU-license via WWU) or free self-registered online Adobe IDs) can use the software. (Please note: The simultaneous use of an SD license by several users on one computer is not possible.)


  • Requirements & Order Process

    If you want to use Adobe CC, you need

    1. a paid Adobe CC license
    2. a free Microsoft Azure account (for authentication with Adobe)

    Ordering an Adobe License
    (Note: There is a separate purchasing procedure for Department 5. Further information can be obtained from IVV8 [de].) To order Adobe CC for a fee, please send an e-mail to it.lizenzbestellung@uni-muenster.de, also entering the e-mail address of your IVV under "cc". The order must contain the following information:

    • Number of desired licenses (if applicable, broken down by Named User Licenses and Shared Device Licenses)
    • For Named User Licenses: name and User-ID of the respective user of a license
    • For Shared Device Licenses: name of the institute/work group on whose computers the SD licenses are to be used as well as the name and IP of the computer on which the licence is used
    • Name of the responsible IVV or IT staff member
    • PSP element and cost center for settlement

    The installation files will be delivered by the responsible IVV.

    Creating a Microsoft Azure Account
    You can apply for a free Microsoft Azure account in the IT Portal under the menu item "Licenses (software, etc.)". You will receive a Microsoft Azure ID in the form of an e-mail address and have to set a corresponding password. Once your Azure ID is set up, it will take a few hours until you can sign in to Adobe CC with this ID and start using the software. (Note: If you terminate your Microsoft Azure account prematurely, you will also lose access to Adobe. Your data will be stored for another year before it is permanently deleted.)

  • Rental Period, Usage Period & Transfer of Licenses

    Rental Period
    The new contract with Adobe runs until 22.11.2025. Licenses must always be leased until the end of the contract term, and no prior notice of termination or shortened lease term is provided.

    Usage Period
    As a member of Münster University, you can use Adobe as long as you have 1. a Microsoft Azure account (for authentication with Adobe) and 2. a valid Adobe license (current licenses are valid until 22 November 2025).

    Transfer of Licenses

    • Named-User-Lizenz: If you no longer need your Named User License, it can be transferred to another employee as long as billing continues to be done through the same cost center. In this case, send an email to it.lizenzbestellung@uni-muenster.de with the former and future user so that we can adjust the license accordingly.
    • Shared-Device-Lizenz: If a computer with a Shared Device License needs to be replaced, the software can be easily reinstalled on the replacement device, as long as the replacement device has the same name and IP address. If the license is to be used on another computer, write an email to it.lizenzbestellung@uni-muenster.de to reset the license. It can then be reassigned.