Adobe Acrobat Pro

Software: Adobe Acrobat Pro can be installed on any University Münster workstation PC. The provision is carried out by the responsible IVV.

These licenses do NOT include use on mobile devices.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you use the function to send documents directly by e-mail from Adobe Acrobat, make sure that the option "Send as link" is deactivated. If the option is activated, documents are automatically uploaded to the Adobe Cloud and thus leave the university's high security area in an unauthorised manner! Always send documents as regular email attachments.

Target Group: employees

Usage Costs: free of charge

Registration: IT-Portal

Licence conditions according to Adobe: Adobe DC licence conditions

Contact: IVV

  • How to use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

    1. Registration for MS Entra

    Log on to the IT portal with your university ID and your university password.

    Under the item "Software (licences etc.)" click on "Activate Microsoft Entra account".
    Assign the Microsoft Entra password (it should be different from your university password (central default password) or your network access password!).

    Enter YES in the box provided to agree to the transfer of data to Microsoft. This is necessary to use the licence.
    Now activate your Microsoft Entra account.

    2. Installation of Adobe Acrobat DC

    The software is provided and installed by your IVV.
    In order to use the software, you must log in to the software with your university Entra ID (see above) and the corresponding Entra password.

    IMPORTANT: You must log in with the Entra ID and the corresponding Entra password after installation in the "Adobe Creative Cloud" app, direct login in Acrobat Pro DC may not work.

    The products may only be installed on computers which the Participant alone can actually dispose of, and if the Participant uses licences for use on home computers ("Home Use"), install one copy of the Products on a computer for Home Use at a time. Home Use is expressly permitted for employees of the University Münster.

  • Troubleshooting

    If it is no longer possible to log in to Adobe Acrobat pro - despite a valid license - please follow the instructions below step by step, then the login should work again and the software can be used as usual.

    1. Creative cloud app login

    Open the programme "Adobe Creative Cloud" and log in to the software if necessary.
    If the programme is not installed on your computer, go directly to the next step.

    2. Adobe website login

    Open the following web page, login with your Entra credentials (userID@on.wwu.de) and deactivate the listed devices there (the devices are not blocked, only your user is logged off from these devices): https://account.adobe.com/activated-devices

    If no device is listed there, it has already been deactivated by logging out beforehand.

    You can then log off from the website.

    3. Logout Acrobat pro

    Open the programme "Adobe Acrobat" and check at the top right via the coloured dot OR in the menu "Help" whether a registration with your identification is still active there. Please also log off there (it may take a moment as the registration is checked in the background - if successful, a LOGIN should appear there).

    Then close Acrobat.

    4. Computer restart

    Then restart your computer.

    5. Logging in with the Entra credentials

    Start the programme "Adobe Creative Cloud" and log in there with your Entra access data.
    Start the programme "Adobe Acrobat" and check whether you can work with it again as usual.