Adobe Acrobat Pro

Software: Adobe Acrobat Pro can be installed on any WWU workstation PC. The provision is carried out by the responsible IVV.

Target Group: employees

Usage Costs: free of charge

Registration: IT-Portal

Contact: IVV

  • Instructions

    1. Registration for MS Azure

    Log on to the IT portal with your WWU user ID and your WWU password.

    Under the item "Software (licences etc.)" click on "Activate Microsoft Azure account".
    Assign the Microsoft Azure password (it should be different from your WWU password (central default password) or your network access password!).

    Enter YES in the box provided to agree to the transfer of data to Microsoft. This is necessary to use the licence.
    Now activate your Microsoft Azure account.

    2. Installation of Adobe Acrobat DC

    The software is provided and installed by your IVV.
    In order to use the software, you must log in to the software with your WWU Azure ID (see above) and the corresponding Azure password.

    IMPORTANT: You must log in with the Azure ID and the corresponding Azure password after installation in the "Adobe Creative Cloud" app, direct login in Acrobat Pro DC may not work.

    The products may only be installed on computers which the Participant alone can actually dispose of, and if the Participant uses licences for use on home computers ("Home Use"), install one copy of the Products on a computer for Home Use at a time. Home Use is expressly permitted for employees of the WWU.