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Toma, Paraskevi: Joseph the Hymnographer. Kanones on Saints According to the Eight Modes. Critical Edition (Byzantinistische Studien und Texte, Bd. 12), Münster 2018.
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Joseph the Hymnographer (c. AD 816 - 886) belonged to the Constantinopolitan intellectual élite and was a prominent teacher. His liturgical poetic oeuvre comprises different subgenres. However, he is best known for his kanones. A kanon is a long hymn penned in one of the eight Byzantine modes and sung during the early morning office (Orthros). The present critical edition aims to determine the original text of groups consisting of eight kanones each and dedicated to prominent saints. Within each group, Joseph composed one kanon per mode.

Zur Autorin: Paraskevi Toma is postdoctoral Research Associate in Byzantine Studies at the University of Münster. She specializes in editiones principes of Greek and Latin medieval works, as well as in comparative literature studies.

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