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This is a reduced page with information for the English-language MSc Mathematics only.
Please visit our German-language page for information concerning our other (German-language) degree programmes.

The QISPOS system is used to legally register for courses, examinations (Prüfungsleistungen) and required coursework (Studienleistungen).

Each semester there is a university-wide registration period, which usually runs from mid-October to mid-December (in the winter semester) or from mid-April to mid-June (in the summer semester). The exact dates of the university-wide registration period can be found here: https://www.uni-muenster.de/studium/en/pruefungen/qispos.html

De-registration of courses, required coursework and examinations to be registered for during the university-wide registration period is possible up to 14 days after the registration period.

Important! The QISPOS system, although it also runs via the course catalogue, is not the same as the HISLSF.

You must therefore make sure that you do not just "apply" for a course in the HISLSF - this is only a kind of "non-binding pre-registration" -, but that you actually register for the courses, required coursework and examinations: You will find the QISPOS area under "My Functions" (in the top menu on the left), and then use Administration of exams (QISPOS) (in the left-hand menu there).

Special conditions at Faculty 10

At Faculty 10 (Mathematics and Computer Science) there are special conditions (for the courses offered by the faculty itself) regarding the deadlines for registering for and de-registering courses, required coursework and examinations:

  • You must register for tutorials, seminars, etc. and all other required coursework and examinations that are not written or oral examinations during the university-wide registration period. You cannot de-register (without a valid reason) fourteen days after the end of this period. In particular, you must also register for lectures that are not followed by a written or oral examination during the university-wide registration period.
  • The situation is different when registering for written and oral examinations: Outside of the registration period, it is usually possible to register (and also de-register) up to seven days before the date of the written examination or the date of the oral examination.
  • In the case of oral examinations, you must also inform the Examinations Office of the dates and the examiner(s) (at least seven days before the planned examination).
  • Please note that the separate deadlines do not generally apply to courses in the minor subjects. The examination regulations of the offering subject/department apply here.

Choice of examination dates when two dates are offered

In the MSc Mathematics, it is usually possible to use the second written exam date directly as the first attempt in the "semester" without failing the first or withdrawing for a valid reason. To do this, you must select the second exam date when registering for QISPOS (and, if applicable, withdraw from the already made registration for the written exam within the deadline before the first exam date). However, there is then no eligibility to retake the exam for the same semester.

Technical problems during registration

If, in exceptional cases, it is not possible to register for technical reasons, please contact the Examinations Office before the end of the respective registration deadline so that the error can be documented (and possibly resolved) and you can meet your deadline!

If you go to the Examinations Office one or two semesters after the error (and even the possibly passed exam) and claim that you were unfortunately unable to register at that time, you will have to retake the exam or even choose a new course (and take the exam in that course).

Additional links

In some areas (due to the high effort), not all eligible courses are immediately available in QISPOS at the start of registration:

In the MSc Mathematics, this applies to the specialisation courses in the MSc Mathematics (PO version 2020), which are offered as lecture (4 hours per week) and the corresponding tutorial (2 hours per week), which according to the examination regulations can generally also be taken as broadening courses (in exactly the area of specialisation from which they come: Theoretical Mathematics or Applied Mathematics).

In this case, please contact the study coordination in good time before the end of the respective registration period so that the courses can be made available in QISPOS and you can register yourself before the deadline. (The best way to do this is to visit us directly during our office hours).

Modules that cannot be self-registered

Some examinations and coursework in modules of our degree programmes cannot be registered by the students themselves, but must be registered or booked at the Examinations Office. These include:

  • those modules in the minor subject Computer Science of the MSc Mathematics that can also occur in the corresponding Bachelor's degree programmes. (Here it must be checked whether the module (in terms of content) has not already been studied in the Bachelor's phase, if necessary in consultation with the examination officer of the MSc Computer Science). For this purpose, registration must be made before the deadlines by sending an email from your university email account to the Examinations Office. There is no registration/booking in these modules via forms.
  • the module "Personal Enrichment" in the MSc Mathematics
    Please note that here there are only limited options for the choice of courses!

Further questions?

Perhaps you would like to have a look at our slides of the event "How to register properly in QISPOS"?

If you have any further questions, please contact the Examinations Office of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences or the Study Coordination.