News 2012

December 2012


A warm welcome to our new MGSE PI's Ulrich Dobrindt and Ulrich Krohs!

November 2012


A warm welcome to the new graduate student Gildas Lepennetier!

October 2012


Lecture of the Philosopher Mitchell S. Green, University of Virginia

IEB lecture hall, 4 pm [abstract]

June 2012

18. & 19.06.2012

2nd annual Münster Graduate School of Evolution Symposium [press  release] [programme] [announcing  press  release]


The DFG and Wissenschaftsrat has made the decision not to fund MGSEI through the excellence initiative. The University of Münster was successful with both its cluster proposals. We congratulate our colleagues for their success! Of course, we will continue our efforts to secure funding for MGSE. [press  release]


The 2nd annual MGSE Symposium approaches! The event will take place at the Botanical Gardens Münster on the 18th/19th of June 2012. All necessary information has been compiled on our "Symposium" [subpage]


Michael B. Hennessy (Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio) is the first ETT (Evolutionary Think Tank) fellow of the Muenster Graduate School of Evolution Initiative. He will stay until the end of December 2012 in the group of Prof Sachser (Institute of Neuro and Behavioural Biology, Departement of Behavioral Biology).

[Curriculum Vitae][further information]

April 2012


We are happy to announce that  Junior Professor Francesco Catania has joined our efforts to understand genome evolution.

February 2012


A sixth doctoral candidate has been accepted for a project within the Kurtz group.

January 2012


The first group of 5 doctoral candidates started to work on their projects in the groups of de Meaux, Bornberg-Bauer, Schmitz/Brosius, Stoll and Sachser

December 2011


Presentation of the initiatial proposal of the MGSE in front of the external, international DFG review panel in Bonn. The decisions are expected in June 2012.

November 2011


This years' lecture series "The Growth of Evolutionary Thought" has started. [WWU press release]

August 2011


WWU submitted three proposals for the final round of the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments: initial proposals for the MGSE and the cluster of excellence "Cells in Motion", as well as a renewal proposal for the cluster of excellence "Religion and Politics". The decisions are expected in June 2012.

July 2011


4th general meeting of the MGSEI members at the IEB, 1 pm.

May 2011


3rd general meeting of the MGSEI members at the IEB, 1 pm.


Start of the new interdisciplinary MSc Advanced Module "Evolutionary Medicine" with 13 students.

EvolMed Course

April 2011


2nd general meeting of the MGSEI members at the IEB (Hüfferstraße 1, Seminar room, Ground floor, 1 pm).

March 2011


The joint commission from the DFG and the Wissenschaftsrat asked two of the WWU's excellence initiatives to submit a full proposal by 1 september 2011: the excellence cluster "Cells in Motion" and our "Münster Graduate School of Evolution". DFG press release

WWU press release

February 2011

17. & 18.02.2011

MGSEI Graduate Students' Symposium "evolution across fields" with two public lectures: Thomas Junker (Universität Tübingen), "Darwins gefährliches Erbe: Das neue Bild der Welt", Thu 5 pm [WWU•press•release]

Sudhir Kumar (Arizona State University), "Molecular Evolution in Personal Medicine", Fri 9 am [WWU•press•release]

"evolution across fields"

December 2010


The first interdisciplinary MGSEI lecture "The Growth of Evolutionary Thought" has been successfully completed last week. The topics ranged from the beginnings of evolutionary thought in the ancient greek philosophy to modern concepts in molecular evolution, as well as current debates in creationism and eugenics. The presentations are available online on the lecture page.

MGSEI Teaching

September 2010


Dear members of the MGSE Initiative, on the 1st of September our proposal was officially submitted to the DFG/WR. Many thanks again to all of you for your contributions and support! We would like to take advantage of the momentum created by the combined efforts and promote the idea of our “School of Evolution” with an interdisciplinary graduate students’ symposium of the participating PI’s and their students already working in the field of evolutionary research. We plan the symposium “evolution across fields” as a two-day event, including introductory talks to the six topic sections by one of the participating PI’s, mini-presentations and posters by the students, time for discussion and a keynote lecture by an invited guest as public evening lecture.

Please, register until 29 October 2010.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Student's Symposium "evolution across fields"


The Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU) is participating in the current round of the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments with a total of eight initial proposals and one renewal proposal. It submitted the draft proposals of four clusters of excellence and three graduate schools (including the MGSE) as well as one institutional strategy in the context of the third funding line of the DFG (German Research Foundation) on 1 September 2010.

Abstracts of the Applications

Background Information of the Excellence Initiative