"I have to express my deepest satisfaction from the stay: nice and friendly people around, inquiring students, quiet and peaceful surroundings. It was very fruitful scientifically and pleasant personally time in MSGE WWU, and I would be happy to return to Münster again."

Prof. Dr. Alexander Bolshoy (University of Haifa, Israel, ETT-Fellow July - September 2015)


"This is an incredible program that I would recommend to anyone. Wonderful people, excellent interactions, great facilities, and all within a beautiful and relaxing environment. I will treasure the time I spent in Münster for the connections I made, collaborations started, and for the productivity of my time. It was amazing to work hard and then unwind with a walk in the botanical garden across the street - great people and beautiful surroundings are combined in this program."

Prof. Dr. Chris Smith (Earlham College, USA, ETT-Fellow May - June 2017)

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The MGSE welcomes international experts from all over the world as Fellows of the Evolution Think Tank. To find out where our former and current ETT-Fellows came/come from take a look at our member map.