Together with the Fellows of the Evolution Think Tank, the MGSE regularly organizes workshops on current issues and developments in evolutionary research. The workshops are open to PhD-students, postdocs, and senior researchers and bring together experts in the field from around the world to share the latest concepts and hypothesis.

The format usually includes keynote lectures by invited guests as well as roundtable and small-group discussions. The workshops are designed to foster collegial exchange, catalyse collaborations, and to stimulate interdisciplinary synergy.


18th -19th October 2023

Forms of innate immune memory: comparing immune priming and trained immunity

with MGSE ETT fellow Jorge Contreras Garduño & MGSE guest Raúl Andino


MGSE Workshop: Evolution of Complex phenotypes

 31st July - 1st August 2023

Evolution of Complex phenotypes

with Prof Rob Page (MGSE-ETT fellow) & Prof Marc Tatar

MGSE Worksop: Karl Popper’s Relevance for Evolutionary Biology
© Uni MS - Tobias Zimmermann

20 April 2023

Karl Popper’s Relevance for Evolutionary Biology

with MGSE guest Jacobus Boomsma

MGSE Worksop: Social Immunity

13 - 14 February 2020

The Evolution of Social Immunity

with ETT fellow Barbara Milutinović

MGSE Worksop: Reproductive Traits

5 February 2020

The Evolution of Reproductive Traits

with ETT fellow Geoff Findlay

11 - 12 December 2019

Parasites in the Genome

with ETT-Fellows Jack Werren & Leo W. Beukeboom

2018-06-29 Mammals Vs Insect Workshop

25 - 26 June 2018

It’s not my fault: How the social environment shapes individual behavior and vice versa

with ETT-Fellows Christina Grozinger & Michael Hennessy

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12 July 2017

Stem cells of invertebrates: Their role in development, reproduction & regeneration

with ETT-Fellow Loriano Ballarin

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1 June 2017

More than meets the eye: The role of cryptic genetic variation in the evolution of novel phenotypes

with ETT-Fellow Chris Smith

Workshop Multiple Dna Codes 2zu1

28-29 September 2015

Multiple DNA Codes - A Workshop on Sequence Biology

with ETT-Fellow Alexander Bolshoy

Workshop Nonlinear Dynamics

25-26 August 2015

Nonlinear Dynamics in Biology: From Time Series to Knowledge

with ETT-Fellow Chih-Hao Hsiesh

Workshop Allorecognition

6-7 July 2015

Evolutionary Aspects of Allorecognition: From Intraspecific Conflicts to Links with Adaptive Immunity

with ETT-Fellow Loriano Ballarin

Evolution Of Meaning 2zu1

11 June 2015

Evolution of Meaning – A Workshop on the Evolutionary Biology of Communication

with ETT-Fellow Mitchell Green

Workshop Ecological Networks

11-12 March 2015

Community Network Approach to Ecological Complexity – A Workshop to Identify the “Right” Questions

with ETT-Fellow Michio Kondoh

Workshop Predictive Adaptive Responses

3-4 February 2015

Predictive Adaptive Responses (PARs) and fitness – A workshop to explore the evidence and further requirements

with ETT Fellow Lindsay Matthews

Workshop Multilevel Selection 2zu1

4-5 June 2014

Units of Selection and Individuality - A Workshop on Multilevel Selection

with ETT-Fellow Jürgen Gadau