Interdisciplinary event series "Der Mensch im Tier" focuses on relationship between humans and animals

2021-04-12 Der Mensch Im Tier
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This summer semester, the WWU, in cooperation with the city of Münster, is hosting the digital event series "Der Mensch im Tier -  Ein Thema für Münster (engl.: The human animal - A topic for Münster." The focus of the series is the book with the same title by the behavioral scientist Norbert Sachser from Münster. In it, he describes a revolution in the image of animals that has taken place in recent decades on the basis of behavioral biology research.

The WWU won the "Eine Uni - Ein Buch (One University - One Book)" competition last year with the book. In the series now taking place, all interested persons are invited in various formats to examine the relationship between humans and animals from different perspectives. The series is organized by MGSE graduates Dr Niklas Kästner and Dr Tobias Zimmermann and will be held in German.

Further information on the event series and the complete program can be found on the project's website.