The curriculum of the MGSE is tightly linked to its research questions, but is also be based on a strong theoretical and philosophical foundation for all participating students. The three-year teaching program takes the diversity of future careers into account and is tailored towards developing scientists who see interdisciplinary connections in the multifaceted aspects of evolutionary problems.

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Evolmed 2zu1

Evolutionary Medicine

Interdisciplinary MSc Advanced Module for MSc and PhD students in which modern evolutionary theory is applied to the understanding of health and disease

Tgotet Teaching 2zu1

The Growth of the Evolutionary Thought

Interdisiciplany MSc Advanced Module for MSc and PhD students which provides an in-depth introduction to the history and philosophy of evolutionary science

Student Meetings 2zu1
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PhD Student Meetings

Regular meetings of the MGSE students to discuss scientific, organisational, and personal matters

Bookclub 2zu1
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Book Club

Book reading activity to strengthen the understanding of evolution

Carolinensiel 2zu1
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PhD Student Retreat

The Retreat aims to bring the PhD student community together to exchange experiences and knowledge at a location outside Münster

Teach-1820041 1920 2zu1
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Further teaching activities

Regular teaching activities are complemented by one-off events, organized according to the students needs