Evolutionary Medicine

MSc Advanced Module

The interdisciplinary MSc Advanced Module (Forgeschrittenen-Modul) "Evolutionary Medicine" aims to train MSc and PhD students in the application of evolutionary principles to the understanding of health and disease. Topics include, e.g., the the evolution of resistance of bacteria, evolution of disease-relevant genes, genome-wide association studies or the evolution of transposable elements. Students will be trained, e.g., in sequencing techniques, genomics, transcriptomics, next generation sequencing or bioinformatics.

  • General information

    26.04. - 20.05.2021, 10:00 - 18:00

    Venue: Due to the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic,  the module will be held online via zoom

    First meeting: Monday, 26.04.2018, 10:00 via zoom

    Organizers of the course: Francesco Catania, Peter Czuppon, Ulrich Dobrindt, Joachim Kurtz, Stephan Ludwig, Alexander Mellmann, Robert Peuß, Jürgen Schmitz, Kristina Wensing

    Course language: English

    Number in QISPOS:  134186

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  • Suggested reading

    • Gluckman PD, Beedle A & Hanson MA (2009) Principles of Evolutionary Medicine. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 312.
    • Nesse RM & Williams GC (1996) Why we Get Sick: The New Science of Darwinian Medicine. Vintage Books, New York, 304.
    • Stearns SC & Medzhitov R (2016) Evolutionary Medicine. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA, 280.
    • Stearns SC & Koella JC (2008) Evolution in Health and Disease. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 368.

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