MGSE Student Meetings
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Student Meetings

The doctoral students of the MGSE meet on a regular basis for discussion and socializing: New students present their research projects to their peers, PIs and ETT-Fellows join the students to present aspects of their work, and alumni or other representatives from academia, industry or the social/cultural sector are invited to give advice on job perspectives. The meetings are a place for open and collegial discussion of the doctoral students and guests in a friendly and enjoyable environment. Every now and then, the meetings are combined with a BBQ or other social activities.

Former guests

Date Name
06.07.2018 Prof. Dr. Thomas Flatt (Department of Biology, University of Fribourg): Discussion of publication
26.07.2017 & 15.08.2017 Prof. Dr. Juan Alfonzo (Department of Microbiology, The Ohio State University, USA): Research / Career advice
30.05.2017 PD Dr. Verena Nordhoff  (Centre of Reproductive Medicine and Andrology at the UKM): Job opportunities as biologist in the field of reproductive medicine/biology
04.04.2017 Dr. Mario Rosario Guarracino (Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking (ICAR-CNR), Italy): From separating to proximal-plane supervised classifiers
10.01.2017 Prof. Dr. Guiscard ‘Gisi’ Seebohm (Institute of Genetics of Heart Diseases): Neanderthal project / Career advice
15.11.2016 Dr. Claudia Fricke (Insitute for Evolution and Biodiversity, WWU): Career talk
20.09.2016 Dr. Francesco Catania (Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity, Leader of the Evolution Think Tank): Knowledge Café on "Recruitment of ETT-Fellows"
18.04.2016 Burkhard Loffeld (Genetic Identity Specialist, Promega): Job perspectives in a life sciences company
08.03.2016 Dr. Juanma Vaquerizas (MPI for Molecular Biomedicine, Münster): Pursuing an academic career
12.01.2016 Prof. Joachim Kurtz (Insitute for Evolution and Biodiversity, WWU): Discussion of recent publication on downregulation of the Hsp90 in Tribolium castaneum in response to social cues
01.12.2015 Prof. John Baines (University of Kiel, MPI for Evolutionary Biology Plön): Masterclass on "Ecological and Evolutionary Forces Shaping Diversity of the Intestinal Microbiota in House Mice"
03.11.2015 Dr. Celeste Brennecka (Science Writing Support Service, WWU): How can I improve my science writing? Focus on the reader
08.09.2015 ETT-Fellow Prof. Alexander Bolshoy (University of Haifa, IL): Ranking of prokaryotic genomes
11.08.2015 ETT-Fellow Prof. Chih-hao Hsieh (National Taiwan University, Taipei City, TW): Nonlinear dynamics
29.06.2015 ETT-Fellow Prof. Loriano Ballarin (University of Padova, IT): Excursion to the Allwetterzoo
19.05.2015 Dr. Katja Farhat (Faculty of Biology, WWU): Job perspectives in academia in a teaching-focused position
07.04.2015 Dr. Christina Heimken (Press and Information Office, WWU): Job perspectives as science editor
13.03.2015 ETT-Fellow Prof. Michio Kondoh (Ryukoku University, JP): Ecological networks/food webs
10.02.2015 Ludovic Mallet (Insitute for Evolution and Biodiversity, WWU): Biological and computational methods to predict genes and especially denovo genes
13.01.2015 Dr. Jan Ole Kriegs (Museum of Natural History Münster): Look behind the scences in the museum & insights into the job of a biologist at a museum
04.11.2014 Dr. Dirk Wewers (Curator Allwetterzoo Münster): Job perspectives in a zoological garden
17.06.2014 Dr. Oliver Piskurek (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen): Masterclass on "Poxviruses as possible vectors for horizontal transfer of retroposons from reptiles to mammals: a finding that boosted the interest in horizontal transfer studies of retroelements"
20.05.2014 ETT-Fellow Prof. Jürgen Gadau (Arizona State University, US): How to be updated in science/discussion of review article