"Units of Selection and Individuality - A Workshop on Multilevel Selection"

June 4 - 5, 2014 in Münster

The workshop comprised keynote lectures as well as discussion groups and addressed the two main topics:

  1. The Unit of Selection - Individual vs. Metaorganism
  2. Inclusive Fitness Theory meets Multilevel Selection

Keynote lectures:

Wednesday, 4.6.2014
Kavaliershäuschen (Schlossplatz 6, Seminar room on ground floor)

  • 10:30 s.t.
    Seth Bordenstein (Vanderbilt University, USA)
    "Darwin's blind spot: The microbial making of a species"
  • 11:30 s.t.
    Timothy Linksvayer (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
    "Levels of selection and social evolution in social insects"

Thursday, 5.6.2014
Kavaliershäuschen (Schlossplatz 6, Seminar room on ground floor)

  • 17:00 s.t.
    Jürgen Gadau (Arizona State University, USA; ETT-Fellow of the MGSE)
    "Genetics and genomics of speciation"

Poster for the Workshop, Flyer for the workshop, Preliminary program

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