"Predictive Adaptive Responses (PARs) and fitness – A workshop to explore the evidence and further requirements"

February 3 - 4, 2015 in Münster

The workshop comprised keynote lectures as well as discussion groups and critically examined match-mismatch hypotheses and effects on Darwinian fitness, identified gaps in knowledge/concepts and discussed robust experimental methodologies, conditions and measures appropriate for testing the PARs hypothesis and Darwinian fitness.

Keynote lectures:

Tuesday, 3.2.2015
Kavaliershäuschen (Schlossplatz 6, Seminar room on ground floor)

  • 10:15 s.t.
    Tobias Krause (University of Bielefeld, Germany)
    “Predictive Adaptive Responses (PARs) and fitness: theoretical concepts and empirical evidence”
  • 11:15 s.t.
    Andrew Janczak (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway)
    "Early life programming and fitness: adaptations and fitness in man-made environments"

Wednesday, 4.2.2015
Kavaliershäuschen (Schlossplatz 6, Seminar room on ground floor)

  • 9:45 s.t.
    Lindsay Matthews (University of Auckland, New Zealand; ETT-Fellow of the MGSE)
    "Novel methods to assess the importance of PARs"

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