Christina M. Grozinger

ETT-Fellow 2018

Loriano Ballarin
© Christina Grozinger

Center for Pollinator Research
Pennsylvania State University

4 June - 28 July 2018:

Münster Graduate School of Evolution
Hüfferstr. 1a
48149 Münster

Tel.: +49-(0)251/83-21508

Nationality: USA

Christina Grozinger is a Distinguished Professor of Entomology at the Huck Institutes for Life Sciences and the Director of the Center for Pollinator Research at the Pennsylvania State University in the US. In her research she examines the mechanisms underlying social behavior and health in honey bees and related species. In her studies on social behaviour, Christina Grozinger and her team investiage the proximate and ultimate mechanisms that regulate behavioral variation and plasticity in insect societies, in particular focusing on complex chemical communication systems. In her studies on pollinator health, she is interested on how biotic and abiotic stressors impact the individual at the molecular, physiological and behavioral level, how these individual effects lead to colony-level changes, and how responses to these stressors can be modulated by social and environmental contexts.