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There is restricted admission to the Master’s course in Business Chemistry at Münster. To be admitted to the course you will need to have a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, Food Chemistry or Business Chemistry, or a Bachelor’s degree in a related course of study with a sufficiently high proportion of chemistry. This latter requirement is fulfilled if you have gained at least 90 credits in your Chemistry course.

There are deadlines you have to fulfil when you hand in your application (Link). Applicants from Germany and other countries of the EU can apply each year between the beginning of May until July 15. Applicants from countries which are not members of the EU can apply between the beginning and the end of May.

Further information is contained in the Qualifications and Admissions Regulations (currently only available in German; see section Examination Regulations & Co.).

For international students there are special application requirements. A basic distinction is made between two groups of applicants: applicants from Germany, EU countries and countries belonging to the European Economic Area – and applicants from countries not belonging to the EU:

Anyone wishing to embark on a course of study at Münster University must provide evidence of adequate German language skills: