The Institute

Our institute is located on the Leonardo Campus in the north of Münster. The institute’s research focuses on innovation management in research-intensive industries and corporate rating.

General information on the institute

The interdisciplinary Institute of Business Administration engages in research, teaching and practice to convey a scientific approach to business-related problems in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The institute has a literature data bank on “Business Chemistry”, a company archive for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and also publishes the Journal of Business Chemistry. The research area of corporate rating and strategy evaluation is concerned particularly with assessing creditworthiness, crisis management and the evaluation of strategic manoeuvres. With respect to teaching, up-to-date case studies are applied, in order to familiarise students with the application of theoretical knowledge.

As a member of the "European Case Clearing House" (ECCH), the institute has access to case studies of the Harvard Business School, the London Business School and other internationally recognised management schools.

Founding of the institute

The Institute of Business Administration at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy was established in 2000, as the result of an endowment from the international specialty chemicals concern Degussa AG, now Evonik. One objective in establishing the institute was to promote cooperative work and knowledge transfer between academia and practice. To this end, excellent contacts and cooperative projects with large international enterprises could be established successfully.

International knowledge and technology transfer

The institute considers itself as a link between research and practice and works closely together with other organisations involved in technology and knowledge transfer activities. In addition to cooperation with regionally established technology centres, cooperation with comparable organisations in the neighbouring European countries also assumes a particular significance.