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Master’s Studies of Business Chemistry

Why take the Master’s Course of Business Chemistry?

The Master’s Course of Business Chemistry unites the subjects Chemistry and Economics in a special way. Therefore, it addresses to Students who like analytical thinking and who are interested in natural sciences as well as in economical interrelations. Graduates of the Course Business Chemistry are able to mediate between these completely different areas, since they are familiar with modern management concepts as well as with the current state of research.

The Master’s Course of Business Chemistry in Münster:


  • Provides an outstanding scientific environment with departments which are placed amongst the leading positions in international research rankings
  • Imposes interdisciplinary skills in chemistry and economics
  • Has a strong connection to practice, e.g. by case studies, lectures and workshops by and with representatives of the industry
  • Offers chances for promising career possibilities in business areas, in chemical research or at intersections of these two fields
  • Is situated in “the most liveable city of the world” (LivCom Award), Münster, a location with an extraordinary student atmosphere
  • Is able to provide a personal and intensive counselling due to (willingly) small courses